Session Info


Session locations generally are within within the Tracy, Mountain House and Modesto areas.  I am happy to travel to the greater San Francisco area or many other locations, however a fee will apply. My studio is great for us to meet. I also use it for sessions, but I prefer to limit using the studio for newborn portraits. I prefer the outdoors anyways! The textures outdoors make for the best natural backgrounds. I love an open field or rusty old walls or even crazy piles of junk can create some spectacular art!

When you book your session, you can specify your preference for location. If you are not sure, I am more than happy to suggest some great options!


What to Wear

Clothing can help make a fabulous portrait. I love colors and I love texture. The right colors and texture can really make a difference between a beautiful portrait and a spectacular one. With texture comes layers. Layers like chunky sweaters, ruffles, embroidery, ribbons etc. Feel free to bring some options with you to the session. I would be happy to help you put together the perfect look. For families, I recommend to pick a few colors and stick with them. Too much matching color will lose the pop. Too many different colors can be confusing. The key is to coordinate. Accessorize Bring your boots, heals, hats, scarves, jewelry, gloves etc. This creates a complete look!

You can also check out my Pinterest page for ideas. The link is on my Social Media page in the Information tab.